How to adjust the size of acrylic sheet?
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How to adjust the size of acrylic sheet?

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As a light and durable product, acrylic sheet is used in various industries. It has various uses and can also be made into various crafts. Different products have different requirements for the size of acrylic sheet. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to cut or paste the acrylic sheet to obtain a suitable practical size. Do you know any methods to adjust the size of acrylic sheet?

Here is the list of the article:

  • What is laser cutting?

  • What are the ways for pasting acrylic sheets?

  • How to cut acrylic sheet at home?


What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting acrylic sheet is a non-contact cutting method. The laser can cut the acrylic sheet into a variety of patterns, words, etc. Laser technology uses the energy released by the laser beam irradiated to the surface of the acrylic sheet to melt the acrylic sheet. The laser cutting method can accurately cut materials with complex shapes. The cut acrylic sheet only needs to be polished.

What are the ways for pasting acrylic sheets?

1.Butt joint: Place the two acrylic sheets to be jointed horizontally on the operating platform, close them together, and stick a tape on the bottom, leaving a gap not greater than 0.3mm wide for the application of adhesive. Use a syringe to inject the adhesive uniformly and slowly from one side into the gap until it is completely filled. After it is completely cured, remove the tape.

2. Facade bonding: Facade bonding is the most widely used bonding technology, which is widely used in the production of various plexiglass IT electronic digital display products. First, wipe clean the acrylic sheet surface to be bonded. It is best to use a master mold to achieve bonding, so that the bonded object does not shake, which is beneficial to improve the quality of bonding.

3. Bevel bonding: The bonding bevel must use a 90-degree angle and other profiling to prevent the displacement of the bonded surface. The adhesive should be applied evenly and slowly. The master can be removed only after it is completely cured.

4. Surface bonding: Plane bonding is a special bonding method. First, wipe the sticky surface clean and place it horizontally, and pour an appropriate amount of adhesive on it. Place one side of the other acrylic sheet diagonally in contact with the acrylic sheet that is coated with adhesive, and then lower it evenly and slowly, and drive out the bubbles from one side to complete the bonding.

How to cut acrylic sheet at home?

Sometimes we get the acrylic sheet and need to cut and bend it ourselves, but we don't have the special equipment of the acrylic processing manufacturer, how should we cut the acrylic sheet?

1. Stack three to four new blades neatly, and wrap the lower part of the stack with tape.

2. Apply uniform force on the tip of the back of the blade (the head of each blade has a small pocket) to mark the part you want to bend until it reaches about half the thickness of the acrylic sheet.

3. After drawing the groove, use a hair dryer to blow the part of the acrylic plate that needs to be bent. Bend the acrylic sheet after it is heated. Because of the razor blade, the bent bend is also very straight.

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