How to improve the brightness of the LED light guide plate light box?
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How to improve the brightness of the LED light guide plate light box?

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LED has the advantages of small size, light weight, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Acrylic materials are non-toxic, non-polluting, transparent, and can be recycled. The LED light guide plate light box has the advantages of both. At the same time, it is not only ultra-thin, beautiful, but also has good light uniformity, so it has been widely used in the field of flat panel display advertising decoration and daily lighting. The development of LED light guide plate light boxes with larger area, higher brightness and more uniformity is the market need, and it is also the hot spot of research in the field of exhibitions. What are the ways to improve the brightness of the LED light guide plate light box?

l Why use low-power LEDs?

l Why use a blue light source?

l Why use a lamp that illuminates vertically?


Why use low-power LEDs?

Studies have shown that the shape of the light guide plate's scattering dots has a relatively small effect on the light uniformity and brightness of the light box, while the dot distribution law has a relatively large impact on these two parameters. Increasing the number of LEDs and increasing the luminous flux introduced into the acrylic board can significantly increase the brightness. However, the heat generated by the LED will warp the acrylic sheet, making it impossible for light to be introduced. Therefore, low-power LEDs are generally used and densely arranged on the side of the panel to increase the luminous flux. Through this technology, the size of the LED light guide plate light box can reach 1.1m×0.4m, the brightness is about 100cdm2, and the uniformity is 60% to 70%. For small-area light guide plate light boxes, such as LED light guide plates for lighting and TV backlight boards, the brightness can reach 200cdm2, and the uniformity can reach more than 85%.


Why use a blue light source?

At present, the light source of the traditional LED light guide plate light box adopts a white light source, and then covers the picture to be displayed on the light box. When the picture to be displayed is colored, the picture will absorb light other than the color of the picture, that is, each area of the picture to be displayed will absorb the guide Part of the light in the light plate causes a large light loss, resulting in low light efficiency of the LED light guide plate light box. Therefore, a blue light source can be used, and only blue light enters the light guide plate, which reduces light loss caused by different wavelengths. At the same time, phosphor powder can be set at the diffusion point outside the blue coverage area. By changing the composition of the phosphor powder, the color of the emitted light can be adjusted to improve the light utilization rate. At the same time, using the phosphor powder as the diffusion point makes it more convenient to adjust the light color.


Why use a lamp that illuminates vertically?

At present, traditional advertising display boxes are widely used in various aspects, and the amount of their use is very large, especially in public places such as bus stations, buses, exhibition halls and so on. However, most of the existing advertising light boxes simply put paper into the box and irradiate them with lights for display. Such lights will make the advertisements less recognizable. Four illuminating lamps with vertical illuminating direction can be set, so that the illuminating lamp will not directly illuminate the PC light guide plate, but through the reflection or diffusion of the light, the light is spread over the PC light guide plate in a large area, and is based on the light guide plate The light guide scattering effect diffuses the light from the back of the advertising piece to the surface of the advertising piece, improving the brightness of the advertising piece while improving the problem of glare.

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