Is acrylic harmful to health?
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Is acrylic harmful to health?

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During decoration, many materials will produce volatile toxic gases, such as formaldehyde and benzene series. Inhaling toxic gases will endanger our health. Acrylic is a new type of material that is widely used. Many people are concerned about this question. Is acrylic toxic? Does acrylic have a bad effect on our body? I will answer this question for you.

Here is the list of the article:

  • Is acrylic itself toxic?

  • Are acrylic lunch boxes toxic?

  • Will toxic gas be generated when processing acrylic products?

Is acrylic itself toxic?

First of all, the acrylic material itself is non-toxic, and the smell it emits is also non-toxic to the human body. Acrylic sheets are widely used today and can be seen everywhere in life, ranging from large LOGO and light box luminous characters for external use in large supermarkets to acrylic photo frames and acrylic boxes for household use. Since acrylic sheets are not toxic, you can use acrylic products with confidence.

Are acrylic lunch boxes toxic?

As acrylic sheets are relatively light, thin and strong, lunch boxes made of acrylic have also appeared on the market. We will worry about whether the food in the acrylic lunch box will be toxic. Since the melting point of acrylic is 130-140°C, acrylic sheet will not react chemically at room temperature. Therefore, acrylic products are not toxic at room temperature.

Will toxic gas be generated when processing acrylic products?

When processing acrylic sheet products and plexiglass display stands, laser engraving machine equipment is often used. Every time the acrylic sheet is engraved by the laser engraving machine, you can always smell a pungent smell. This is the harmful gas produced by insufficient burning of acrylic sheet. Therefore, when using the laser engraving machine, the doors and windows should be opened and kept in a ventilated state. Especially in winter, do not close doors and windows tightly, and do not turn on the air conditioner. However, the manufactured acrylic products will not be harmful to the human body. Because of this, acrylic is widely used in various industries.

Real high-quality acrylic sheet is not toxic, but many domestic acrylic sheet manufacturers use recycled plastic waste to reprocess in order to save costs (the sheet produced is called PS board, not real acrylic sheet). These inferior sheets contain other materials. Ingredients, such as resin, will form volatilization during the processing process. It will become a harmful gas; in the purchase, you must choose the products of a regular acrylic custom manufacturer.

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