LED Light Guide Plate
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The typical application of light guide plate is LED lighting and ultra-thin light box optical grade light guide plate. When the light enters the light guide plate from the light source and hits the reflection point, it is diffusely reflected to the surface of the light guide plate, and another part of the light directly penetrates the light guide plate to reach the surface. On the other hand, the reflection points close to the light source are small and distant, and the diffusely reflected light is less, on the contrary, those farther away from the light source are thicker and denser. The light reflected from the point is more abundant. After the complex fusion of these lights, the effect of uniform brightness of the entire light guide plate is achieved.

With the intelligentization of home appliances and the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic concepts, home appliance panels are required to have excellent aesthetics, light transmittance, gloss, temperature resistance, flame resistance, good dimensional stability, and rich colors. PMMA-based materials can also be modified to meet the needs of such applications. In addition, the continuous and gradual introduction of some high-end home appliances will also help to increase such demand.



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