What are the advantages of color acrylic sheet?
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What are the advantages of color acrylic sheet?

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Compared with glass, acrylic has excellent light transmittance, light weight and strong characteristics, making it very suitable for all kinds of signs, light boxes, and signs. There are roughly four kinds of common acrylic sheets if they are classified according to their shapes, colorless transparent acrylic, colored transparent acrylic, pearl acrylic, embossed acrylic. Color and transparent acrylic sheets are commonly known as color sheet, which is softer than transparent, and is divided into three types: transparent colored, translucent colored and opaque colored according to the difference in light transmittance. In order to help you have a better understanding of color acrylic sheet, I’d like to expand on it.

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l How to classify color acrylic sheets?

l What are the advantages of color acrylic sheets?

l How to order color acrylic sheets?

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How to classify color acrylic sheets?

The common acrylic sheet colors on the market are divided into two types: acrylic transparent sheet and acrylic color sheet. Among them, acrylic transparent sheet includes pure transparent sheet and frosted sheet; color acrylic sheet mainly includes white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, pink and so on, each color is divided into several kinds, each color also has semi-transparent sheets, and there are also some special sheets, including cloth gold sheet, cloth silver sheet, shell pearl sheet, wave sheet and so on.

What are the advantages of color acrylic sheets?

acrylic is the best new material for sanitary ware after ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, besides its unparalleled high brightness, color acrylic sheet has the following advantages:

1) The color acrylic sheet has good toughness and is not easy to break;

2) The color acrylic sheet has strong repairability, as long as the soft foam is dipped in toothpaste, the sanitary ware can be wiped new;

3) The texture of the color acrylic sheet is soft, and there is no icy feeling in winter;

4) The color acrylic sheet is bright in color, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes.

5) Basins, bathtubs, and toilets made of acrylic are not only exquisite in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly. The radiation is almost the same as the radiation of the human body's bones. Acrylic sanitary ware first appeared in the United States and has accounted for more than 70% of the entire international market.

How to order color acrylic sheets?

We guarantee that the material that we make color acrylic sheets is 100% new Virgin raw materials.

The color acrylic sheets of our company are available in thicknesses of 0.8, 1, 1.8, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 60mm (0.8-60mm).

The color of colored acrylic sheet is divided into transparent (transparent), white, opal, black, red, green, blue, yellow and other colors. OEM color is normal

The standard size of color acrylic sheet is 1220*1830, 1220*2440, 1270*2490, 1610*2550, 1440*2940, 1850*2450, 1050*2050, 1350*2000, 2050*3050, 1220*3050mm.

Our delivery time is generally 10-25 days.

If you want to order our company's color acrylic sheet, you can call our company's phone to order, or send us an email. Feel free to ask us questions, we are happy to answer you.



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