What are the processes of producing light guide plate?
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What are the processes of producing light guide plate?

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Since the 1990s, science and technology have continued to advance, and the production method of light guide plates has been gradually improved, resulting in a different and early printing production. In contrast, we call it "non-printing." There are five different processes of producing light guide plate. I'd like to expand on the processes to help you have a better understanding of light guide plate.

Here is the list of the article:

l What are injection molding and Lithography?

l What are Doping and Laser engraving?

l What are Sandblasting and Single point diamond processing?

What are injection molding and Lithography?

Injection molding

It is to fill the melted forming material into a closed mold in a high-pressure manner, which requires the light guide plate and the microstructure to be completed simultaneously in the injection molding. The single-sided microstructure array light guide plate generally adopts an injection molding manufacturing process, and its bottom texture structure can be in the shape of a tiny lens, a microsphere, or a tetrahedral corner prism.


The photolithography technology is to coat a layer of corrosion-resistant photoresist on a flat silicon wafer, and then let strong light pass through the photolithography plate, and then selectively expose the photolithography plate according to the pattern information of the specific layer produced. Then the developed photoresist is removed, and a thin film with a micro-pattern structure will be left on the upper surface of the silicon wafer.

What are Doping and Laser engraving?


A transparent particle material with scattering function is directly injected into the light guide plate during the injection molding of the light guide plate. The concentration of the transparent particles can be adjusted reasonably to achieve effective control of the light output, and finally high uniformity of the light output is achieved.

Laser engraving

The laser engraving production method is to use a computer to strictly control the energy of the laser head and the position of the laser head in accordance with the program requirements, and use the vaporization method to depict a microstructure array with a certain size on the back of the light guide plate.

What are Sandblasting and Single point diamond processing?


The sandblasting method is used to make a mold with a rough distribution surface, and the rough distribution on the mold is transferred to the light guide plate during injection molding. Where there are more rough surfaces, the stronger the light scattering ability is. By reasonably adjusting the roughness of the surface, the light on the light-emitting surface can be evenly distributed.

Single point diamond processing

Single-point diamond processing is also called nano-processing technology, and its processing accuracy can reach nano-level surface roughness. It fixes the workpiece on a precision lathe and uses natural single crystal diamond tools for fixed-point turning. First, the light guide plate core is fixed on the rotating shaft to rotate, and then the fast piezoelectric feed of the diamond knife is used to make it.

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