What is a vehicle control light guide?
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What is a vehicle control light guide?

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In-vehicle information system is an important part of the automotive technology revolution. It is to change the traditional analog measurement and control technology of the automobile industry into modern digital measurement and control technology, and raise the modernization and informatization of automobile equipment to a new level. Specifically speaking, it uses the computer as the core to collect, process, display and alarm various information status of the car, such as fuel level, battery voltage, water temperature, oil pressure, vehicle speed and other parameters. The driver performs corresponding processing according to the result of the alarm prompt, so that the car can drive safely and normally. The liquid crystal display made of light guide plate can feedback this information to the driver.

l What is the composition of an industrial computer?

l What is the function of the light guide plate?

l How to use the LCD monitor correctly?

What is the composition of an industrial computer?

The appearance and structure of the industrial computer are diverse, and the ultra-small structure and liquid crystal display are selected, and it is easy to make an embedded measurement and control device, which is beneficial to reduce the load of the car and the structure is compact. Among them, the main component of the liquid crystal display is a light guide plate, which can evenly spread light on the liquid crystal display.

What is the function of the light guide plate?

The design principle of the light guide plate is derived from the LCD screen of the notebook computer. The light guide plate is a high-tech product that transforms a line light source into a surface light source. The base material of the light guide plate is optical grade acrylic (PMMA)/PC. The principle of light guide plate production is spectral analysis, combined with digital UV printing technology, and produced under constant temperature, constant humidity, and dust-free environmental conditions. The light guide plate has the distinctive characteristics of ultra-thin, ultra-bright, uniform light guide, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark area, durability, not easy to yellow, and simple and quick installation and maintenance.

How to use the LCD monitor correctly?

Pay attention to the following aspects when using the LCD monitor correctly.

1) Resolution setting

In terms of resolution settings, it is best to use the resolution recommended by the product.

2) Do not touch the screen with your hands

The LCD panel is composed of many liquid crystals, which is very fragile. If you often use your hands to point to the screen, fingerprints will be left on the panel, and at the same time, a large amount of electrostatic charge will accumulate on the surface of the components. It may also damage the light guide plate.

3) Clean stains correctly

If there are some unsightly stains and scars on the display, you can use a soft cotton cloth dipped in a little pure alcohol to wipe gently, but not too often to prevent too much too much.

4) Use moderately

Long-term uninterrupted use is likely to accelerate the aging of the liquid crystal, and once the liquid crystal is aging, the possibility of dark spots on the light guide plate will greatly increase, and this is also irreparable. But it does not mean that LCD monitors cannot be used for a long time. Manufacturers will give a prescribed continuous use time, which is usually 72 hours, so you don't need to pay too much attention to the continuous use time, just be restrained.

5) Try not to run a screen saver program on the monitor

The imaging of the industrial computer display requires the continuous movement of the liquid crystal. Running the screen saver will not only not protect the screen, but will continue its aging process, which is very undesirable. The correct way is to close it and use it when it is used.

6) Avoid strong shock and vibration

The display screen is very delicate and will be damaged in strong impact and vibration. At the same time, it may also damage the liquid crystal molecules inside the display, which will greatly reduce the display effect. Therefore, be careful when using it.

7) Do not disassemble randomly

Like other electronic products, high voltages are generated inside the LCD. The CFL converter in the LCD backlight assembly may still carry a voltage of up to 1000V after being shut down for a long time. For the human body resistance of only 36V, it is definitely a dangerous value. It may cause harm to the human body. And know. Therefore, it is best not to attempt to disassemble or modify the LCD display. Even if there is no harm to the human body, it is very likely to damage the LCD.

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