What is anti-fog acrylic sheet?
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What is anti-fog acrylic sheet?

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Almost everyone has had this experience. When buying cold drinks in the supermarket, the panels of the cold drink refrigerator and freezer opened by the previous customer were enveloped in thick mist, which caused trouble to your sight, so you had to Open the door of the safe directly to select products. The fog on the freezer panel will affect the customer's willingness to buy. If the panel glass of the fresh-keeping cabinet is kept clear at all times, and the displayed products can be seen at a glance, it is helpful to increase the sales of the products. However, general supermarkets do not directly apply anti-fogging treatment to the freezer, and installing the anti-fog acrylic sheet in the safe can directly solve this problem, once and for all.

Here is the list of the article:

l What are the requirements for anti-fog coating?

l What are the applications of anti-fog acrylic sheet?

l How to buy anti-fog acrylic sheet?

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What are the requirements for anti-fog coating?

In order to obtain the anti-fog acrylic sheet, in fact, only the ordinary acrylic sheet needs to be treated with anti-fog coating. In order not to affect the customer's perception of the product, it is necessary to obtain a high-quality anti-fog coating. First of all, it must have a good light transmittance, and the anti-fog coating must not affect the transparency and clarity of the material; secondly, the anti-fog coating must have good adhesion, because the use scene of the fresh-keeping cabinet and the freezer is a public place, and the panel is There is a high probability that customers will touch, and the anti-fog coating with weak adhesion will soon fall off from the glass panel of the freezer, causing anti-fog failure; again, the service life is long, and the life of ordinary anti-fogging agents ranges from a few days to several It varies from month to month, which is detrimental to the maintenance of anti-fog capability. The lifespan also includes factors such as weather resistance and water resistance. It has to withstand washing water bubbles, its anti-fogging performance in high temperature and low temperature environments cannot be weakened, and it has environmental protection performance. Because fresh-keeping cabinets generally display food products, so the panel The anti-fogging agent used must also fully comply with food-grade safety standards and certifications.

What are the applications of anti-fog acrylic sheet?

In fact, not only cold drink safes, but also food display cabinets in some convenience stores also need anti-fog acrylic sheets. In winter, when the steaming objects encounter cold air, the water vapor in the air will condense into water droplets to attach to the wall of the video showcase, which will also affect the customer's shopping experience. In addition, our electronic equipment sometimes fogs up due to various reasons. The application of anti-fog acrylic sheet to electronic products can also solve the fogging problem. Anti-fog acrylic sheets can also be used in protective clothing. After wearing protective clothing, the moisture we breathe out may adhere to the lenses and affect our vision. Anti-fog acrylic lenses can prevent this from happening.

How to buy anti-fog acrylic sheet?

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