What is anti-static acrylic sheet?
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What is anti-static acrylic sheet?

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There are many hazards of static electricity, and one of its hazards comes from the interaction of charged objects. When the aircraft body is rubbed with air, moisture, dust and other particles, the aircraft will be charged. If no measures are taken, it will seriously interfere with the normal operation of the aircraft radio equipment; in a printing plant, static electricity between the paper pages will cause the paper pages Glue together, it is difficult to separate, bring trouble to printing; in the pharmaceutical factory, because the electrostatic attracts dust, the medicine will not reach the standard purity. In order to prevent the harm of static electricity, we need to use materials that prevent static electricity to produce. Anti-static acrylic sheet is a good material.

  • What is anti-static acrylic sheet?

  • What are the characteristics of anti-static acrylic sheet?

  • Where can the anti-static acrylic sheet be used?

What is anti-static acrylic sheet?

Anti-static acrylic sheet is also called anti-static voltage acrylic sheet or anti-static plexiglass sheet. The base material is acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass.

Anti-static acrylic sheet is to form a layer of anti-static hard film (very thin, micron level, 1mm mm=1000 microns um) on the surface of the acrylic through coating technology. The anti-static layer can only be processed by machining. It can be removed and wiped with alcohol chemical solvents has no effect. This process perfectly retains the inherent transparent and beautiful characteristics of the plastic sheet, and at the same time has the function of anti-static. Through special processing technology, on the basis of perfectly retaining the inherent physical characteristics of the substrate, it also has an excellent function of eliminating static electricity, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the hazards caused by static electricity to meet the high-tech era The special needs of the industry.

What are the characteristics of anti-static acrylic sheet?

The anti-static acrylic sheet has a beautiful appearance, with a light transmittance of more than 90% and a surface resistance value of 10 to the 8th power of 10 to the 6th power of 10 ohms, so it has an excellent anti-static function. In addition, the anti-static acrylic sheet has excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance. It is also resistant to chemical solvents.

Where can the anti-static acrylic sheet be used?

Anti-static acrylic sheet is widely used in the construction of clean room plants (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.), the shielding of clean room equipment, the separation of clean room spaces, clean equipment, observation windows and equipment covers, electronic test fixtures Wait.

Anti-static acrylic sheet is suitable for industries such as semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipment and microelectronic equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communication manufacturing, precision instruments, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and biological engineering.

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