What is color acrylic sheet?
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What is color acrylic sheet?

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Acrylic sheet is used in all aspects of our lives due to its unique advantages. Color acrylic sheet is more popular with users due to its variety of colors. Color acrylic sheet can be used in various livelihood products, such as stationery gifts, kitchenware and bathroom, crystal furniture, lamps, window covers, basketball boards, etc. How much do you know about acrylic sheet? I will expand the acrylic sheet in detail so that you can know more about the acrylic sheet.

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  • What is color acrylic sheet?

  • What are features of color acrylic sheet?

  • Where are the color acrylic sheet applied to?

What is color acrylic sheet?

Transparent acrylic sheet is a popular name. The chemical name of this polymer transparent material is polymethyl methacrylate, which is polymerized by methyl methacrylate.

Color acrylic sheet generally refers to acrylic that shows different colors after adding colorants. The amount of colorant, melting time and melting temperature will all affect the intensity of the fired color to varying degrees. Use colloidal colorants, such as gold, silver, copper, selenium, sulfur, etc., to suspend very small particles in the glass to color the glass. In the firing process, no matter what kind of colorant, flux is added. Our company can produce acrylic sheets in various colors for you according to your demands.

What are features of color acrylic sheet?

Color acrylic sheet has the following characteristics:

1) The transparency of the color acrylic sheet is perfect, and the light transmittance is 93%.

2) The color acrylic sheet has excellent electrical insulation properties, which can prevent electric shock.

3) The color acrylic sheet is very light, which is very conducive to transportation.

4) The color acrylic sheet has high plasticity, so it is easier to process and shape.

5) The color acrylic sheet has strong surface hardness and good weather resistance.

6) The color acrylic sheet has various colors and is easy to clean. In most cases, the stain can be removed with a light wipe.

Where are the color acrylic sheet applied to?

There are many scenarios where color acrylic sheets can be applied. It can be used in construction sites, such as offices, housing display doors and windows, doors, telephone rooms, partitions, etc.; it can also be used in the advertising industry, such as lamps, signs, indicators, and display stands. It can also be used in the transportation industry, such as cars, train doors and windows, etc. In addition, color acrylic sheets can also be used in medical devices, such as infant incubators, and various medical devices. There are also many places where civilian products are used in color acrylic sheets, such as bathrooms, artworks, cosmetics, brackets, tables, chairs, kitchens, aquariums, and sanitary applications. Color acrylic sheets are also used in industrial instruments, insulating material instruments, protective covers, optics and other industries.

If you have a demand for color acrylic sheets, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to meet your needs.



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