What is the screen light guide?
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What is the screen light guide?

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With the continuous development and application of new technologies and new materials, light box advertisements are becoming more and more colorful and changing with each passing day, becoming a beautiful landscape that beautifies shopping malls, streetscapes and roads. The light guide plate ultra-thin light box can reduce the thickness of the advertising light box and increase the uniformity of light. How much do you know about screen light guide? I'd like to expand on the screen light guide to help you have a better understanding of it.

Here is the list of the article:

l What is the principle of astigmatism of the light guide plate?

l What are the characteristics of the screen light guide?

l Where can the ultra-thin screen light guide be used?

What is the principle of astigmatism of the light guide plate?

The light guide plate is made by using the injection molding method to press propylene into a plate with a smooth surface, and then use a high-reflectivity and non-light-absorbing material on the acrylic plate, and print a circular or square diffusion point on the bottom of the plate by screen printing. This diffuses the light. When the light hits the diffusion point, the light will be reflected in all directions, and then it will be emitted from the front of the light guide plate, destroying the reflection conditions. Although there are many processes for making light guide plates, they all use the principles of light reflection and light scattering.

What are the characteristics of the light guide plate?

The ultra-thin advertising light box made of light guide plate has the following characteristics:

1) The shape of the advertising light box is ultra-thin, the quality is ultra-clear, and the structure is stable.

2) The high-quality light guide plate can make the conversion efficiency up to 95%.

3) The light generated by the light box made of the light guide plate is uniform and not dazzling.

4) The ultra-thin light box made of light guide plate is energy-saving, not only uses fewer light sources, but also saves 70% of electricity consumption.

5) The lamp will not be eroded and deformed by the heat generated by the lamp box.

6) Long life span, up to 10 years.

Where can the ultra-thin advertising light box be used?

The ultra-thin advertising light box can adopt display materials such as inkjet lamp film, screen printing lamp film, semi-transparent or fist light inkjet printing advertising paper, positive film or flip photography. Application places of ultra-thin light box: commercial centers, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, restaurants, fast food restaurants, airports, stations, subways, ferry terminals, bus platforms, trains, elevators, interior decoration, wedding photography, large-scale Exhibition engineering, mobile exhibition display, etc.

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