What kind of structure does the backlight module have?
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What kind of structure does the backlight module have?

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With the improvement of LCD manufacturing technology, the trend of large size and low price, backlight modules are considering the market requirements of lightweight, thinner, low power consumption, high brightness and cost reduction, in order to maintain competitiveness in the future market. The development and design of a new type of backlight module and new manufacturing technology for light guide plate molding are the direction and important subject of future efforts.

l What is the side light type?

l What is direct type?

l What is hollow type?

What is the side light type?

The edge lighting is a single light source placed on the side. The light guide plate is designed for injection molding without printing. It is generally used for small and medium-sized backlight modules below 30 inches, and the side incident light source is designed. It has the characteristics of light weight, thin profile, narrow frame and low power consumption. It is also the light source for mobile phones, tablet computers, and notebook computers. There are also large-size TV backlight modules that use edge-light structures.

What is a direct type?

(Bottom lighting) Oversized backlight modules, the edge-lit structure can no longer have advantages in weight, power consumption, and brightness. Therefore, a direct-type structure that does not contain a light guide plate and the light source is placed directly below has been developed. The light source is emitted from a spontaneous light source (such as lamp tubes, LEDs, etc.) after being reflected by the reflector, and then evenly dispersed on the diffuser plate upwards, and then emitted on the front. As the installation space becomes larger, the lamp can be used with up to 2 lamps according to the size of the TFT panel, but at the same time it also increases the thickness, weight, and power consumption of the module. Its advantages are high brightness, good light viewing angle, high light utilization efficiency, simple structure, etc., so it is suitable for LCD displays and LCD TVs that have less demanding portability and space requirements.

What is hollow type?

With the increase in the size of image requirements, LCDs are also developing in the direction of larger sizes. Such ultra-large LCDs are used as monitors and wall-mounted TVs. This not only requires a large screen, high brightness and light weight, but also requires low thermal effect at high power in electrical appliances. The development of a hollow structure backlight module uses a hot cathode tube as a light source. This structure uses air as the light source transmission medium. After the light source is adjusted and reflected downward by the direction of the prism sheet and the reflecting plate, one part passes through the light guide plate upward and exits the surface, and the other part enters the hollow cavity again due to total reflection until it undergoes reflection. After the action, it exits through the light guide plate, and the upward light source either directly enters the light guide plate and exits, or exits after a series of refraction and reflection. The shape of the light guide plate is a wedge-shaped structure, and the purpose is to achieve a uniform effect.

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