What kinds of light guide plates does our company produce?
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What kinds of light guide plates does our company produce?

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With the development of science and technology, the technology of making light guide plates is becoming more and more advanced, and the light guide plates produced are developing in the direction of ultra-thin, efficient and durable. There are shadows of light guide plates everywhere in life. Acrylic light guide plates are used for furniture, hot-pressed light guide plates are used for LED lights, and glass light guide plates are used for TVs. As a company specializing in the production of light guide plates, our company produces many types of light guide plates, including hot-pressed light guide plates, laser light guide plates, and non-standard LGP light guide plates.

Here is the list of the article:

l What is hot-pressed light guide plate?

l What is laser scribing?

l What aser dotting?

What is hot-pressed light guide plate?

The hot-pressing light guide plate is based on the optics to first make a dot plan, and then process it on the stencil template by laser, clean the stencil, and then install the stencil on the roller, set the machine parameters, and adjust the pressure and temperature. , Put in the plate, and press out the light guide plate. Our company's production line has the advantages of high yield, high production efficiency, and stable product quality.

What is laser scribing?

There are two main methods for making laser light guide plates: laser scribing and laser dotting. It is currently the most advanced and most widely used in the production process of light guide plates.

1. Principle of laser scribing: The laser engraving machine is mainly used to scribble on the acrylic surface to form a reflective diffusion groove. In order to make the entire area emit uniformly, the closer to the light source, the more light, the lower the density of the V-shaped groove, and the farther away from the light source. Most of the light has been emitted, there is little light, and the density of the V-shaped groove is high.

The characteristics of laser scribing :

1) High light conversion rate, uniform light, long life, safety and environmental protection, and strong durability.

2) In the case of the same area and brightness, the luminous efficiency is high and the power consumption is low.

3) It can be made into special shapes, such as circles, triangles, arcs, etc.

4) Under the same brightness, thinner products can be used, saving costs

5) Any point light source or line light source can be used for surface light source conversion.

What is laser dotting?

The principle of laser dotting: use a light guide plate laser dot machine to mark a circular or square diffusion point on the bottom surface of the light guide plate. When the light hits the diffusion point, the reflected light will diffuse at various angles, and then destroy the reflection conditions and shoot out from the front of the light guide plate. , Utilize various sparse and dense points to make the light guide plate emit light evenly.

The characteristics of laser dotting :

1) The uniformity of the light source is high, which can reach more than 90%.

2) The luminous efficiency is extremely high, and the power consumption is low, which cannot be replaced by any light guide plate process.

3) Light guide plates of any shape can be made without any graphic restriction.

4) The dot density and dot size can be set arbitrarily.

5) The direction of dot generation can be selected at will without restriction.

6) The maximum range of dots on the light guide plate can reach 2 meters * 3 meters.

I believe that you have a detailed understanding of our company's production process, if you want to buy light guide plates, welcome to consult us.

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