What're the benefits of transparent acrylic sheets?
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What're the benefits of transparent acrylic sheets?

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Acrylic materials have become one of the materials favored by all walks of life, and with the rapid development of modern materials and modern technology, acrylic materials will inevitably develop and be applied to a wider range of fields in the future. Many large factories have become more and more mechanized, from the production of parts to assembly are completed by robots, the development of acrylic materials will also have this trend. And our company adopts the advanced technology to produce many kinds of acrylic sheets, include transparent acrylic sheets.

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  • What’re the benefits of transparent acrylic sheets?

  • What should be paid attention to when produce acrylic sheets?

  • Where are the transparent acrylic sheets applied to?

What’re the benefits of transparent acrylic sheets?

Acrylic raw materials generally come in the form of monomers, pellets, plates, pipes, rods, resins, and composite materials, and they can usually be extruded, poured, or molded. Because of its high transparency, light transmittance of 92%, and strength 200 times that of glass products, it is known as "plastic crystal". And acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor use, ranking the top of other plastics, and has both good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity, and can be made into various shapes and products required. The board has a wide variety of colors and rich colors (including translucent swatches), even though it is a thick board, it can still maintain high transparency. The jewelry and other items made of acrylic resin are rich in color, strong in luster, and changeable in shape, gorgeous and dazzling, and the decorative effect is excellent.

What should be paid attention to when produce acrylic sheets?

In the process of hot bending of acrylic sheet, problems such as yellowing, blistering or inaccurate size control are very easy to occur, so several points need to be paid attention to.

One is that the acrylic sheet should not be too thick, at most about 15mm, otherwise the bending effect will be poor.

Second, the control of the temperature of the oven is very important, and it needs to be preheated and then heated in stages, otherwise the acrylic sheet will easily foam. Before hot bending, you must prepare the tools used, the mold must be sophisticated, and carefully observe the softness of the plate during hot bending, master the strength, and try to be successful at one time.

The third is post-bending treatment. Post-bending cooling depends on the product quality requirements. The product quality obtained by constant temperature gradual cooling is higher than that of rapid cooling. High-quality products after bending have a bright surface and no blistering.

Where are the transparent acrylic sheets applied to?

Among acrylic products, acrylic sheet materials are the most widely used. The thickness of acrylic sheet is generally between 1 ~ 50mm, of course, thicker acrylic sheet can also be customized. As for acrylic resin and other composite materials, they are mostly used in jewelry and home decorations, such as acrylic rhinestones, acrylic jewelry, and acrylic curtain walls. Nowadays, the application of acrylic is very extensive, such as advertising, construction, transportation, medicine, industry, lighting, furniture and so on. Moreover, countertops made of acrylic are widely used in hotels, KTVs, bars and other entertainment venues.

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