Where are acrylic sheets applied to?
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Where are acrylic sheets applied to?

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Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is chemically named polymethyl methacrylate. It is an important polymer material with very high plasticity. Because acrylic itself has many advantages, coupled with the continuous improvement of production technology and production process, acrylic material has become one of the popular raw materials in many industries. Today Let’s take a look at why furniture made of acrylic sheets is liked by consumers.

Here is the list of the article:

  • What are the advantages of acrylic sheets?

  • How to classify acrylic sheets?

  • How to buy acrylic sheets?

What are the advantages of acrylic sheets?

1) Acrylic sheet has very, very good light transmittance, and it can also be made into acrylic sheets of different colors, which can make the colors of the furniture made more diverse, and the colors of the furniture are also very bright. Many young people like to buy it. This kind of furniture is very fashionable, and the style is also particularly novel, in line with the avant-garde thinking of young people, and can make their own furniture more special.

2) Another advantage of acrylic sheet is that its weight is very light. Compared with ordinary glass, it is half lighter. Furniture made of this material will be lighter. Acrylic furniture has a longer service life. Compared with other materials Compared with the finished furniture, the service life of acrylic furniture will be more than three years. Consumers can also save money when buying this kind of furniture.

3) The impact resistance of acrylic sheet is very strong, which is sixteen times that of ordinary glass. Furniture made of this material has the advantage of being safer, especially suitable for families with small children at home, and suitable for installation in areas where safety is particularly required. in. More and more furniture factories have also begun to use acrylic material to make furniture products, and now many of this type of furniture can be seen in shopping malls. Interested friends can also purchase acrylic furniture to make their home life more different.

How to classify acrylic sheets?

The cast and extruded acrylic sheets are classified according to the production process. According to the transmittance, they can be divided into transparent acrylic sheets and translucent acrylic sheets (including dyed transparent sheets); according to the performance of anti-impact sheets, anti-ultraviolet sheets, color (black and white and color) Board), ordinary and special board, high impact board, flame retardant board, frosted board, high wear-resistant board, light guide board, etc.

How to buy acrylic sheets?

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