Where is the attraction of the photo frame?
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Where is the attraction of the photo frame?

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With the development of science, led photo frames are widely used in life. The led photo frame can make the photos more beautiful and more enjoyable. So do you know the structure of LED photo frame? The led photo frame uses high-performance LED as the light source, and its composition structure also has high-tech materials such as light guide plate, reflective film, acrylic, and back plate. I’d like to expand on LED photo frame to help you know more about the fashionable item.

Here is the list of the article:

  • Where is the attraction of the photo frame?

  • Why do you need a LED photo frame?

  • What are the benefits of our company’s light guide plate?

Where is the attraction of the photo frame?

1) The LED photo frame is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also makes the light even. Photo frames are generally stylish and beautiful, making photos beautiful and realistic.

2) LED photo frames can be used as lighting fixtures and can increase the appreciation of photos.

3) In addition, the led photo frame uses low voltage to start, so it is very safe to use. The photo frame is suitable for the display and preservation of all kinds of wedding photos, art photos, life photos, etc. It is the new favorite of the new generation of photo frames.

Why do you need a LED photo frame?

Modern life makes us even more fond of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, reliable, fashionable and novel products. In the fast-paced life, there are too many life stories that need to be preserved. High-tech technology helps us retain good memories. The introduction of LED photo frames makes our photos more warm, bright and colorful, and helps us keep our memories for a long time.

What are the benefits of our company’s light guide plate?

The light guide plate is a key part of manufacturing LED lights. The light guide plate manufactured by our company has the following advantages:

1) We have adopted advanced manufacturing technology to ensure that the thickness of the light guide plate is thinner under the same light intensity;

2) In the case of the same area of luminous brightness, our company's light guide plate can make the luminous efficiency high and reduce the power consumption;

3) Our company's light guide plate ensures uniform light, and the dot lines are generated by the software according to the overall size (the edges are thin and the middle is dense). The brightness uniformity can be maximized, and the basic uniformity can reach more than 90%, and the brightness is determined by the light source used by the customer.

4)It is durable, non-yellowing, long life, normal indoor use for more than 8 years.

5) It will not be affected by water and moisture.

If you have a demand for light guide plate, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to meet all your needs. We guarantee the quality of our company's products. If you encounter any product problems, we have a professional after-sales service to solve your problems.

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