Why can acrylic replace glass?
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Why can acrylic replace glass?

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As an emerging material, acrylic sheet has been widely used in various products. Many people prefer acrylic furniture when decorating. In addition, acrylic sheets are gradually replacing glass in many high-demand occasions, such as submarine glass. Why can acrylic sheets replace glass in some cases and become people's preference?

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  • What are the acrylic products?

  • Why can acrylic sheet replace glass?

  • Why can you choose our company to purchase acrylic sheets?

What are the acrylic products?

Acrylic products include acrylic sheets, acrylic plastic pellets, acrylic light boxes, signboards, acrylic bathtubs, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic (latex) paint, acrylic adhesives, etc., with a wide variety of products. Commonly seen acrylic products are acrylic products assembled from raw materials such as acrylic pellets, plates, or resins through various processing methods, combined with various parts of different materials and functions. As for the commonly heard acrylic fiber, acrylic cotton, acrylic yarn, acrylic nylon, etc., it refers to man-made fibers made by the polymerization of acrylic acid and has nothing to do with acrylic products. Among them, the acrylic sheet that people often say is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet, which is polymerized by "methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA)". Or it is extruded from acrylic pellets through an extruder. All sheets made of transparent plastics such as PS, PC, etc. or poor-quality recycled MMA are collectively referred to as plexiglass. In order to distinguish, the PMMA board made of high-quality pure material MMA is named acrylic board in order to distinguish it from the general plexiglass board.

Why can acrylic sheet replace glass?

First, the impact resistance of acrylic sheet is very strong, 100 times that of glass and 16 times that of tempered glass, and the thickness of acrylic sheet can be more than 600mm, and tempered glass can only be 20mm at most. The impact resistance is not in the same grade at all. The windshield of the aircraft is made of acrylic, which means that its safety and light transmittance are valued. Tempered glass itself has a spontaneous explosion rate of 3‰. Let me ask which aircraft dared to try it. Once it explodes, the consequences will be disastrous.

Second, the light transmittance of acrylic is very good, the light transmittance of general glass is 82%-89%, and the best ultra-white glass can only reach 89%. Acrylic light transmittance is as high as 95%, light transmittance is soft, and the visual effect is good. Nowadays, the optical sights and high-precision optical lenses of many cutting-edge weapons are made of acrylic.

Third, acrylic sheet also has good processing properties. It can be machined, thermoformed, and can be seamlessly spliced on-site by injecting special formula stock solution, which can meet the requirements of larger-size transparent entire panels, and is not affected by transportation and space conditions. Tempered glass cannot be reprocessed, cut and spliced. The maximum size of tempered glass from manufacturers can reach 6.8m*2.5m. Because it cannot be seamlessly spliced, it cannot meet the requirements of larger-size transparent entire panels. In this case, acrylic sheet can replace tempered glass.

Acrylic is a high-molecular polymer with all the advantages of glass and can replace glass in many occasions; while the main component of glass is silica, it cannot replace acrylic.

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