Light Guide Plate
PMMA acrylic light guide plate has the distinctive characteristics of ultra-thin and ultra-bright, uniform light guide, energy saving and environmental protection, no dark area, simple installation and maintenance.
At present, the maximum width of the light guide plate can reach 1500mm, the maximum length can reach 3000mm, and the thinnest thickness is 1.8mm.
The larger the size, in order to ensure brightness, the thickness should be increased accordingly, and the effect of light guide is also correspondingly poor, the thickest light guide plate is not more than 20mm. It is now widely used in guide light wall plate,led light guide plate, LCD light guide plate.
Why Use For Light Guide Plate
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    The light guide plate can be designed according to different uses, different sizes and different thicknessed according to the requirements of customers, so as to achieve the effect of uniformity and light utillization rate of light guide plate.
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    After the design of the light guide plate, the uniformity can reach more than 85%, and the luminous flux can reach more than 90%. There are no dark areas and bright edges.
  • 3
    The light guide point is designed with laser mesh, which makes the light guide point firm, never easy to oxidize, not easy to turn yellow, good weather resistance;
  • 4
    The uniformity and brightness of the light guide are very good.
Featured Light Guide Plate
    How To Use Light Guide Plate
    Light guide plate with ultra-thin ultra-bright, uniform light guide, energy saving and environmental protection, no dark area, simple installation and maintenance of the distinctive characteristics. 
    It is widely used in LED lighting industry, display screen, outdoor lighting engineering, indoor luminous background wall and so on.
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    Colors LED Light Guide Plate,Outdoor LED Light Guide Plate,Backlight LED Light Guide Plate
    Light Guide Plate Projects
    TV Display Screen
    LED Lighting

    Vehicle and Industrial Control

    Medical Equipment
    Light Box
    Exhibition Displays
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    Hot pressing technology was first used in the production of light guide panel for notebook computers. It was produced in Korea around 2012, and then introduced to the mainland of China. Now it has become one of the mainstream technologies in the production of large and medium size light guide panel, such as display, notebook computer and LCD TV. After continuous improvement and promotion, the technology can now produce a variety of sizes of products, and has the advantages of various types of processed products, high production efficiency, high yield of products.
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    There are many hazards of static electricity, and one of its hazards comes from the interaction of charged objects. When the aircraft body is rubbed with air, moisture, dust and other particles, the aircraft will be charged. If no measures are taken, it will seriously interfere with the normal operation of the aircraft radio equipment; in a printing plant, static electricity between the paper pages will cause the paper pages Glue together, it is difficult to separate, bring trouble to printing; in the pharmaceutical factory, because the electrostatic attracts dust, the medicine will not reach the standard purity. In order to prevent the harm of static electricity, we need to use materials that prevent static electricity to produce. Anti-static acrylic sheet is a good material.



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