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  • Why can acrylic sheet be made into soundproof walls?


    With the steady progress of industrialization, a lot of noise is also produced in our lives, which will greatly affect our sleep quality, so soundproof walls have come into being. In the 1990s, some European and American countries used acrylic sheet to make sound insulation panels to prevent noise. Read More

  • Why can acrylic replace glass?


    As an emerging material, acrylic sheet has been widely used in various products. Many people prefer acrylic furniture when decorating. In addition, acrylic sheets are gradually replacing glass in many high-demand occasions, such as submarine glass. Why can acrylic sheets replace glass in some cases Read More

  • What are the applications of acrylic?


    For many years, thermoforming has been one of the creative uses of acrylic sheet. With the improvement of processing technology and the enrichment and improvement of product varieties and performance, acrylic processing is easier and safer than other traditional advertising sign materials, and the p Read More

  • Where is the frosted acrylic sheet applied to?


    The surface of the frosted acrylic sheet has a frosted effect, and its surface is opaque. The biggest advantage of the frosted acrylic sheet is that when the acrylic material is taken by hand, it is not easy to leave finger marks on the surface of the material, which maximizes the cleanliness of the Read More

  • Where are the high hardness acrylic sheets applied to?


    The main advantage of the acrylic panel is its high hardness, and its hardness is one of the indicators to measure the quality of the board. The hardness index of a good acrylic panel can reach about 89 degrees, and the acrylic panel is particularly adaptable, can be used for a long time in the sun Read More

  • Is acrylic harmful to health?


    During decoration, many materials will produce volatile toxic gases, such as formaldehyde and benzene series. Inhaling toxic gases will endanger our health. Acrylic is a new type of material that is widely used. Many people are concerned about this question. Is acrylic toxic? Does acrylic have a bad Read More

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